Sports in Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is a well-known destination among adventure enthusiast. There are numerous activities to enjoy like river rafting, trekking and so on. Be it camping, trekking, river rafting you can enjoy all in this part of India. Enjoy Himalayan treks, Peak climbing at some of the most beautiful destinations at Ladakh amidst scenic beauty.

Sports in Ladakh

Mountaineering in Ladakh

If you are looking for a mountaineering expedition then Ladakh is the ideal place for you. With all its charm and beauty Ladakh attracts mountaineers from all over the world. Ladakh offers a wide range of attractive and charming mountain peaks for climbing. Read More

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is such a place that is considered to be one of the most heavenly places of India. If you really want to get the thrill of adventure then Ladakh is your best stop. You can involve in many adventure sports in Ladakh. Trekking is one such adventure sport in which you can indulge yourself during your stay in Ladakh. Read More

Camel Safari in Ladakh

The Land of Ladakh is craggy, rocky, hilly and unpredictable. From the luxuriant orchards of Zanskar to the sand dunes of Sumoor Nubra to the barren heartlands of Hunder to the hills on which monasteries are situated; you will be amazed by seeing the geographical diversity of the land. Transport however has always been an issue as cars don’t take well to this type of land and there is a limit to the amount of distance you can cover on foot. Read More

Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Jeep Safari in LadakhJeep Safari is one of the best ways you can explore the rugged yet beautiful terrain of Ladakh. The naturally sensational terrain is offset with wild ravines, deep craggy passes and rocky land interspersed with white pristine sands. The land quality is uneven and snow makes it difficult to maneuver the way with a lighter vehicle. Ladakh Government recognizes the importance of providing tourists with a proper means of exploring Ladakh and this is why Jeep Safaris are organized. The road route used for Ladakh Jeep Safari is panoramic. There are awesome mountain passes of more than 18,000 feet altitude, long stretches of white beautiful sand without any vegetation and then amazing rock formations. Read More

Mountain Cycling in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh being an adventurous place is a paradise for people who love thrilling experiences. Ladakh offers many adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering and other activities. Cycling is another thrilling option for adventure lovers.

The most interesting part about these cycling trips is the hairpin turns. Cyclists cycling in these roads enjoy this part the most. Another good part about cycling in this area is that you can thoroughly enjoy the captivating scenario of Ladakh and witness the beauty so closely. Small monasteries and other exciting spots attract you throughout the journey. Read More

River Rafting in Leh Ladakh

Apart from trekking and mountain climbing Ladakh offers other adventure sports too. River Rafting is one of the most famous and important water sports of Ladakh. Adventure seekers who are searching for thrilling experiences and action packed holiday will surely get satisfied in Ladakh. River rafting will surely excite the adventure lovers visiting Ladakh in search of adventure. Read More

Yak Safari in Ladakh

The Yak Safari in Ladakh is an experience that is unforgettable. Riding a Yak is super comfortable because of its wide girth and bulky shaggy body. These animals are exotic and are only found in select locations like Ladakh. The Yak will maneuver its way through the craggy terrain of Ladakh and will offer you breathtaking views of lakes, mountain ranges and gorgeous ravines. 

This majestic animal makes for a gentle unassuming tour guide which will touch your heart. Yak Safari in Ladakh is fully supported and encouraged by Ladakh tourism department. Read More

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