Festivals of Ladakh

Ladakh attracts people all over the world through its beauty and tradition. Apart from the snow capped mountains Ladakh attracts people with the presence of different monasteries in the region. The most exciting part about these monasteries is the customs surrounding them. The colorful city becomes all the more vibrant during the festive season.

Culture in Ladakh


This famous festival of Ladakh is organized every year. Ladakh festival is the result of an initiative taken by the Jammu & Kashmir tourism department along with the district Government’s collaboration. This famous festival takes place in Ladakh for 15 long days.  You can witness the different aspects of Ladakh’s heritage and culture once you visit this festival.

Losar Festival

Losar Festival is the most colourful festival of Ladakh and continues for 15 days. It takes place between January to March. This festival follows the Tibetan Lunar Calendar and hence the dates may vary according to the lunar calendar. This is one of the most important festivals of Ladakh region. The onset of this festival marks the beginning of a new year in Ladakh. Nearly all the monasteries in Ladakh celebrate this festival. The Lamas residing in the monasteries makes offerings to their deities. These 15 days involve a mixture of dance numbers along with rituals and other performances. Read More

Hemis Festival

It is the most popular monastic festival celebrated in Ladakh region. It is celebrated in June-July in Hemis Monastery. It is dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava. Read More Here.

Phyang Festival

Every year, this festival is celebrated in Phyang Monastery of Ladakh. It is marked by display of traditional thangka.

Ladakh Harvest Festival

It is celebrated from 1st to 15th of September every year. Many festivities take place on the streets of Ladakh during these 15 days.

Tak Tok Festival

It is celebrated after Phyang Festival. It takes place for 10 days during summer season at Tak Tok Gompa in Ladakh.

Matho Nagrang Festival

It is celebrated at Matho Gompa. This monastery belonging to Sakya sect of Buddhism is flooded with tourists during this two-day long festival. Like any other Ladakhi festival, it is also known for colorful mask dances by the monks. Read More Here.

Saka Dawa Festival

It is the most auspicious festival for Buddhists in Ladakh valley. It is believed that on this full moon day itself, Lord Buddha was born and attained Nirvana. Lamas from all monasteries change the flag pole situated on Kilash Kora Mountain on this day. Read More Here.

Apart from these festivals, there are many other such celebrations taking place in different parts of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir all through the year. Along with other cultural heritages and traditions, they beautifully define the culture of the region. You may also like to read about Galdan Namchot Festival, Chemrey Angchok Festival, Karsha Gustor Festival, Ladakh Festival, Losar Festival, Thiksey Gustor Festival, Yargon Tungshak Festival, Yuru Kabgyat Festival, Jammu Festival, and Winter Carnival in Jammu.

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